Let go of the credit of your accomplishment

When you do something meaningful according to you, you feel that you are the sole cause of that accomplishment. But if you look deeply, you will see that your effort is one of the causes for it (accomplishment) to get manifested.

There are hundreds or thousands or million conditions behind it to happen. So you are not the only cause of your accomplishment.

Let’s take an example to understand this.

I feel happy when I am able to write in my blog and help myself and you to unlock few things in life. Now if I claim that this writing is solely my accomplishment, it would not be correct interpretation.

I and you need to look deeply to understand this.

To be able to write in this blog first WordPress is a cause. If it were not there I would have not been able to create and write blog here. Then internet connection, a tab or a laptop, a healthy environment, my upbringing, my parents, my education and knowledge, the books I read, the blogs I browse through, you, my dear readers and a million more causes are responsible for one blog post to get manifested.

Now imagine that if I alone take the credit it would not be proper interpretation. It is making me humble and at the same time grateful for each condition which is making my writing possible.

I am grateful and humbled by all the causes that are helping me manifested every moment of my life. I don’t need to take any credit for my accomplishment anymore.

Now it’s your turn!


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