The power of benchmarking

I always believe in balance. Balance is required in order to reach your highest potential. If you trade your days for extreme exhaustion, the result would not be win-win for every area of your life. It would be win for some areas and loss for other area/s.

So, the point is setting a limit or a benchmark till which you will try to achieve in a day/ week/ month and even in a year. I am not asking you to scrap your big goals. All I am saying that you need to set a goal a little beyond what you can (realistically) achieve in a year or so.

I am citing an example here. If I set my goal as an author to write a whooping 20 eBooks/books a year, it would be unrealistic. But if I see that realistic goal is 6 in a year and I set 8 or 10, I will call it going a little beyond my comfort zone.

This is applicable in any area of our life. But what is realistic and what is not, don’t decide by looking at other people’s agenda. Have your own mind and set the benchmark from there.

The power of bench-marking lies in the difference between having big goals and achieving them. Ideas without execution is illusion. Don’t get trapped in it. Set yourself up for what you want to achieve, but make sure it’s balanced properly with sleep, food habits, life-style, and other areas of your life.

I am currently maintaining a balance and a benchmark in my life.

If this is not enough, go read Franklin.



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