Get it scheduled to get it done

From my recent experience I have learned that if you want to get something done, get it scheduled in your calendar.

In the humdrum of life we forget or most of the time get trapped by the daily pressure of tasks or jobs. And thus we don’t do what is most important to us.

It happened to me, happened to you and happened to many other.

The solution is simple.

Every day set aside a time (be particular about it) and then try to adhere to the schedule.

What happens is when you schedule a task that is most important to you it comes into your focus and get etched in your mind. So even if you get busy your mind keeps on reminding that you need to accomplish that task during the scheduled time and in my experience most of the time it gets done.

Try it for a week and then see whether this method is working or not. If it works for you, excellent; otherwise keep on searching for the best one which suits your need.

I recommend this because it works for me. And I hope it will help you too.




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