The Pursuit of Happiness

No, I am not gonna talk about the movie.

It is rather an attempt to uncover happiness from every day experience.

We all want to be happy, right? But we don’t know what comes in between us and our experience of that bliss which most of the time seems elusive.

It’s for me, for you and for every one else around.

Truth is we never studied happiness, nor did we understand the meaning of it.

I will attempt to explain it and then later will see that whether we can be happy without having to do anything or not!

Happiness is anything that aligns you with your inner feeling.

Let me explain.

Have you ever felt that you seem to feel okay even if it’s painful in the beginning? I know you did! I too! Why? Because gradually your experience and your feeling came into unison and you felt peace even amid a terrible experience.

Thus, whenever, whatever you experience, don’t run away from that experience. The best way to be open to your experience is practicing silence whenever you can. It will help you sit, relax and enjoy the quiet within you.

The reason you don’t sit idle is you think it’s dumb to do that or waste of time. But the truth is we all are scared of that place, the quiet within where we are at our most vulnerable stage. We don’t want to face it as it places us in front of our own reality and insecurity.

But be brave. Face your quiet within and you will see that you, gradually, are coming in alignment with your experience. You, with each moment, are able to accept what you’ve resisted earlier. And that alignment and acceptance of the truth and the experience within are called happiness or bliss or joy, whatever you call it.

There are no easy to do steps for attaining happiness, you know. It is the way you mold yourself into your experience as if there is no difference between you and your experience.

Model water. The way water takes shape of everything it’s poured down into, be like that. No matter what is the experience, take the shape of that and align your feelings with your experience. Sit quietly, look deeply into yourself and try to understand the nature of pain or excitement and then gradually immerse into the experience.

No matter what happens, there would be no day in your life, where you have not accepted the truth and happiness as a welcoming gift.

I wish the best for you and a ton of happiness in your every day life.



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