Doubt not (your ability to create)

As you don’t create for long time, you gather a long list of doubts in your mind to help you slide by and not create again another day.

For the past month, I didn’t create. I sat idle. And I didn’t write.

I felt bad, but more than that I gathered some doubts, dusts and dirt which kept telling me that I am not capable of creation. And I listened to that giant devil.


Blank pages after pages after pages.

Today, while I was pondering a thought occurred to me –

Doubting your ability to create is like asking a pregnant mother that whether she can give birth to a child or not!?

I laughed first but I understood a truth. No matter where I stand today, whether I create or not, I don’t lose the ability to create. Yes, I may lose the efficiency in the way I used to create, but capacity, never.

That’s why, I am here again, beyond all doubts and dusts and dirt and I have just proven that – Never question a pregnant mother about her ability to give birth to her child. Because in anyway, the answer would be an absolutely and resounding¬†yes.


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