It all starts from taking a vow

Every life change starts with making a decision. The decision either comes from a long process of neglect which results into desperation or it is sparked from a   moment of inspiration.

That moment will come when you would say – I have had it enough. Now I will never be same.

Or else you would go out and say that I can do a lot more than I am doing currently and take a vow to be more.

So if you are thinking for a life change, know that the only thing that stands between you and the life change right now is a promise.

You don’t need to promise to the world, not even to your near and dear ones; rather you need to promise  yourself about that change.

A promise is powerful when you make it to yourself and do whatever you can to maintain that vow.

Don’t worry about the paths and the obstacles on the paths in the beginning. Just go out and make a vow.

Your life awaits your sincere commitment to yourself and the promise you make to yourself.


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