Making right choices

We are making millions of choices every day, sometimes consciously, most of the time unconsciously. But how prudent our every day choices are, is completely dependent on how we view our life and how we interpret our experiences.

Literally it’s all about experiences and the intensity of them.

They change people, their decisions, their choices and their way of looking at life.

Very recently I have started a voyage of not touching animal products anymore. As my background doesn’t support me in this, I have been facing terrible hindrances every day. The squints, little winks, unexpected questions and specially – what the hell are you doing? Are you mad?

I am very compassionate toward my fellow beings. It’s not to show off or brag about me, but I can’t see anyone in pain. When I see someone in pain, I feel it’s my own. I don’t know how come it didn’t occur to me before that I shouldn’t eat what is at the cost of the lives of some animal, at the cost of their agonies and pains and at the expense of their freedom of living life, now I know the value of this conscious choice.

I am just taking one day at a time and abstaining myself from touching any food that is related to animals and its kind.

And it’s freeing. It’s letting those animals feel secure again for even a single man’s decision of not snatching away their freedom of life.

I am making right choices. I know they are few. But like not killing a mosquito when it hums around your head, not touching animal products every day, one day at a time is worth considering for the rest of my life.


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