Why we run away from fear?

Only reason is that we don’t understand what fear is.

Fear is the whole basis of fearlessness.

But how?

When fear appears in front of us, our usual response is to stay back, step out and run away. This usual response we inherit from our well meaning parents and authority figures who over the years have been teaching us how to approach what’s risky or uncomfortable.

Truth is most of us don’t know that within fear we can find courage, within pain we can get the blissfulness of life and within the limitations our true strengths hide in.

But I would not ask you to face toward your fears.

My approach is a bit different. I would ask you to lean into it and ultimately embrace it. Fear arises when we approach something which is unknown to our experience and we don’t understand how to be okay with it. The idea is not to go beyond it, but accepting it as it is and embracing it with all your heart.

I am scared of lot many things. And every day as I live life, I discover new fears, new discomfort zones and new darkness in me. I know that fears are like waves. Some of them are big. They come and knock me down. I fall down and I see sand all over my nose, eyes and face. Then I get up. And there is another one. This time it is smaller. I get shaky. After a while again a big one.

This thing will keep happening. The challenge is not the fear, but how you look at it!

Have you ever approached a good news with reproach?

I never did.

Then why fear, discomfort, insecurity, disappointment, pain, agony?

Stop labeling your experience as good or bad. Just be open. Let the wave make you down. Have faith that you will surely get up and be ready to fall down again, another time, time after time.

Life is not all joy and happiness and beauty! It’s also about finding them in your deepest hurts, not by suffering through them, but by embracing them and immersing in them as one.


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