Walking in the rain

The usual approach when rain starts to drop down on earth is to escape it. Few people are smarter than others. They take their umbrella over their head to cover themselves and run at the same time.

I was one of those people who try to escape the rain as if every drop of rain will spoil my life in miniature.

One day I was walking and suddenly a mild drizzling started. As I was part of those huge herd who run away when something uncertain happened, I started to run. But during those few seconds rain took its maximum intensity. I got drenched badly. Then a thought occurred to me.

Who could drench the person who was already drenched?

And I stopped running.

I started to walk, mildly. Every drop of rain was coming directly on me and I was feeling that the whole eternity was coming to embrace me in its arms.

That day onward, better to say that moment onward, I never run away when rain suddenly appears. I maintain my normal speed of walking. And since then I learned how to walk in the rain irrespective of the intensity of the rain.


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