Follow your inner compass

It’s been more than three months that I didn’t write regularly. The question is not of whether I could write or not, rather it’s all about making choices and how these choices lead you to either desired or undesired consequences.

In one word my life was a mess for these three months. I stopped writing, started living my life on an autopilot, went back to earlier bad habits, maintained no contact with my friends, made no time for myself and for deep rumination.

And most importantly I was unhappy.

These three months have taught me that I cannot continue living this kind of  life forever. If I do, you will see that there will be another human potential getting wasted gradually and getting buried with the music still in him.

So I needed to change.

I gave myself time, shut off all the distractions and tried to listen to the whispers of my heart.

And I discovered that my life needs to be more spacious than it was during these three months. And I also understood that my purpose could be expressed only in two words which can depict what I want to do with my life.

These two words are – Reduce suffering.

All my choices and actions should express these two words only.

These two words include all the human beings, all the animals and living beings and also ‘I’, yours truly.

Though I am not out of mess yet I am clearing out all the mess to create space in my life so that I can follow my inner compass and live up to my purpose each and every day of my life.

I would request you to ponder the idea of revisiting your daily choices and finding some quiet time for self reflection so that you can go as your inner compass guides you and make some better choices for you and for your whole universal family as a result.


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