When you differ from the crowd

Following are the usual responses from the people around you when you are doing something different or acting differently than the norms of the crowd –

  • Are you nuts?
  • What the hell you are trying to prove?
  • Why you want to do it?
  • What other people will think of you?
  • Why would you like to go out of the way?

I love these questions. When I do something different and people ask me such kind of questions, I grin and know in my heart that I am in the right track.

There are only two steps in dealing with opinions from the crowd –

1. Love the people who say things like that (because actually they are confirming your path)

2. Ignore what they say (all bullshits should be ignored)

Use these two steps when you are challenged in any way.


4 thoughts on “When you differ from the crowd

  1. What is it really that makes us so concerned of being different, of people talking about us? What is at the core of this concern? While I acknowledge you for the steps you have outlined to deal with the issue, would you say that these are but superficial veneers ? So what else could you do?


    1. Either we can be part of creating the status-quo or we will go and de-construct it. My point of view is simply to be as we already are and to have conviction in our endeavor no matter what people opine.

      At the core we are all similar wearing different clothes. Having said that we all have our own uniqueness to offer to the world. Loving the person whose opinion is different or derogatory is honoring the place that’s similar in all of us and ignoring what they say is honoring our own endeavor to be us and respecting what we are trying to accomplish.

      Thanks for dropping by and asking a thought provoking question!

      With gratitude,

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