A secret to literally transform your life

First of all, let me be honest.

It is not a secret.

Everyone knows this but most of us don’t take time to ponder.

All of us wait for the next big thing or the next big moment to live our life to its fullest. But the most sad thing about this kind of thinking is that the next big moment never arrives.

What we can do instead then?

Make this moment your next imaginary big moment!

But you will say that but…

I don’t have this or that!

This thing is missing in my life!

I have no reason to do that!

Now here’s the thing. If you wait too long for the next big moment to be happy, chances are your whole life will be spent in waiting state. You will always wait for something to happen in order to be happy. We all did that or still do.

As example, we can say that when we were child we wanted to be adult and we thought we would be happy then. When we became adult we needed someone to marry and we waited for our marriage to be happy. Then marriage happened and we started waiting for children so that we can be happy. Children took birth and then we entered into another waiting state to be happy for retirement. And guess what? Our whole life went in complete waiting state and we never ever understood that happiness is right here, right now, irrespective of the situations, reasons, difficulties, setbacks and failures.

I have a simple process to be happy right here, right now!

Wanna try that?

Let’s do it.

Ask yourself this question – Can I be happy without any reason right now, right here?

If the answer is no, dig deep! Know why you cannot be happy without any reason!

All of our effort is always to transmute ourselves into a feeling of misery to a feeling of goodness. And no matter how you act/react, your effort is also the same – from the sense of feeling bad to the beauty of feeling good.

That means every time you are unhappy there is a pay off. It might be a comfort zone you love to stick to or you don’t want to go out of that feeling of misery because now you have accepted that thing as part of you which really makes you feel good.

It seems ironic but most of us are holding onto something that makes us suffer and still we are not ready to let go of them because we are feeling good about it.

If I say that let go all of them, right here, right now, it would be stupid. What I will say rather, can you smile with all your suffering, pain, hurt feelings, baggage and burdens? Just a tinge of smile. We can begin with a simple smile on our face and then take tiny steps from there.

So what you need to do to be happy right now, right here?

1. Don’t worry about all the reasons for which you cannot be happy. Let them stay. Don’t try to let them go as of now,

2. Just smile. 

I am not free of suffering even though I know suffering is unnecessary. And still I am not waiting for the next big moment to be happy. I am happy right now, right here.


Because irrespective of all the flaws and errors I am smiling while writing these words.

And because life is really, really good right now, right here!


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