Not holding onto a stand-point

The most important thing in our life is not to be rigid with a single point of view.

Having this kind of stance kills all the possibilities that come our way.

What to do then?

Here’s what I learned –

Open your mind to everything and be attached to nothing.

First I will talk about opening your mind.

It is just to be ready for whatever comes your way. No matter whether you are prepared or not, you should look into something new and would say – Wow, I have never thought about it, It’s a great way to look at it.

This way you will never miss out any opportunities and will be able to tap into all the possibilities life hands over to you.

The second thing in this equation is to be detached from the outcome. Even if you are open for all the possibilities, you are not rigid enough to stick to the outcome you have set for yourself. If you get attached to only one outcome the chances are you will not be able to handle if something else will come out from the opportunity.

How to detach yourself then?

Just concentrate on one step along the way. When you are working on an opportunity, don’t look far. Just concentrate on first step you are taking. Then second, then third.

In life and in any situations, if you have this mental attitude, it would be easier for you to deal with every situation.

Just remember these words  and affirm –

I am open to everything and attached to nothing.

Hope this would help you sorting out possibilities and living a great life with so many options available.


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