Throwing the trash out

One of my most refreshing entertainments is sitting idle, doing nothing and observing everything mindfully. I don’t do it as a chore. But I do it when I feel my mind is overworked and is thinking a lot of thoughts.

I just sit back. Relax. And let go all of my to-do lists, interpretations and temptations to do something else.

I sit for few minutes to few hours.

But after the session I feel refreshed, full of new ideas to work upon and completely present in this moment.

That’s why I recommend a complete day in silence if you want to throw out all the trash.

It will not go away by force, because force creates another force and it actually increases the intensity of what you are trying to avoid.

So don’t resist it.

Just sit, relax and let go of everything.

I bet you will be renewed, refreshed and feel a new sense of energy within you!


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