How to create everyday?

I have been pretty good recently in regards to writing daily. Though I was not at all regular few years ago when I just got started. I used to write once in a week or sometimes never in two weeks or a month. It was irregular and I was not doing a good job with my creation.

There were basically two reasons why I was not writing daily –

1. I was very judgmental about what I was writing

2. I was not having the skill to start (starting something is a skill?! Yes it is.)

But now I am pretty good at starting my writing every day. And there are no reasons left not to start everyday.

Here are a few steps you can follow if you feel that you want to create but are stuck because of the above two reasons.

1. Be committed. No one can create art if you won’t. You need to be committed to do it. Go within and talk to yourself that whether you really want to create and love to create or not. Is it few minutes everyday too much to ask for if you truly love to create? I think your creation is far more important than 2 hours of television everyday. Think about it.

2. Block off a time in the beginning. It’s said what gets scheduled gets done. It is true when you are trying to form a habit of creating daily. Block off a time for few minutes everyday where you will just sit and create. It may be in the morning or evening or anytime you think that suits you.

3. Find a trigger. Trigger helps to build habits easily. My trigger is mostly taking a glass of water after brushing my teeth in the morning. And immediately after that I sit to write. You can find any trigger before your creating time.

4. Start super small. So small that you can’t say no. When I first got started with writing everyday, I just wrote 3 lines everyday. That’s it. After a week I made it one paragraph. Then gradually one page and now I can write easily more than 1000 words and sometimes more than 2500 words.

5. Pause when you want to get up and do something else. It’s okay. It may come. But just take few deep breaths and let that urge go. Sit quietly for sometimes and start again.

These are the fundamentals for any habit you want to form and stick too. I have done it and now it’s your turn. Create everyday and see something is shifting within you gradually.

God bless you. Namaste!


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