How to live a great life starting from today?

I am living a great life.

It is not a rocket science after all.

It is simple. Yes, it may sound too general for the minds who have handled lot more complexities in life; but before you become skeptical about this idea, give it a try for a week.

So, now the idea.

Make today your best day.

I know you would say that I know, what’s new in it?

No, there is nothing new in the idea. It is in the execution. Imagine yourself that you are already living a great life. What should be included in that ideal life? Peace of mind, spirituality, creating a lot more than ever, achieving more things, enjoying the beautiful sunlight or may be living an ordinary life with an extra-ordinary attention and awareness?

I don’t know what list you make. But please make a list of your ideal life and take one thing from that list and do it today. And then keep on doing this one thing for a month. Once you are done, take the next one and do that again for a month and again repeat the process.

If you have 10-12 things in your list, you would live your great life with all the ingredients in it just in a year or so, starting from today.

I have made my list few years ago. Back then I didn’t know how to implement them. But just one year ago, I got the clue and found a way and now I am living a great life.

My life includes –

1. Do one thing everyday that’s most important in my life

2. Meditate

3. Write

4. Read

5. Coach

6. Study MBA

7. Exercise

My list was not so big. But these few things give me so much meaning that I never want to go back to my old life.

Just make a list. Choose one thing that you can start today and stick to. And live a great life starting from today 🙂


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