Quietly brilliant

You don’t need to scream to get attention. You don’t even need to show off your award section to increase credibility.

All you need to do is to be quiet and create something that people can’t rub off from their heart.

It’s less shouting and more impacting. Shouting doesn’t work. The more you try to get attention of the crowd, lesser your chances of making a difference.

Strip away the crowd and create for that one percent who genuinely pay attention to what you have to say without your effort to convince them.

The reason I don’t accept awards is I don’t want to focus on something that takes me away from what I am here to do – create value.

By doing this I may upset 99% of my readers but I am more concerned about that one percent who will pay attention without I being the center of attraction.

Accolades and applauds are good but if they prevent you from what truly matters, it’s better to give them up.

Quieten your approval seeking mechanism and create instead.

Your creations can make a dent in this world without you being the center of it.


12 thoughts on “Quietly brilliant

  1. To me, an award is like a big thankyou or a rewarding lollipop πŸ™‚ It is positive feedback and should have an encouraging effect not the opposite. But showing it off has no meaning, there I agree with you. And this is so true: “All you need to do is to be quiet and create something that people can’t rub off from their heart.” πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, letting them come your way and frittering your focus from what matters stand on the opposite side of a thin line we need to be aware of. That’s why I chose not to go to that direction because while allowing awards to come your way can sometimes, without even knowing, take away what’s most important…thanks for dropping by Pankaj πŸ™‚

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