A bad day is actually a good day

Though I am aware that we are responsible (response+able) for whatever happens to us, sometimes, we face really, really difficult day. And it seems that everything bad that can happen to us will happen to us on that particular day (Murphy’s law).

But when we face any difficulty or a lot of it, is it something to complain about or care about?

I have had many bad days in past. Though I know I am responsible for all of them in different proportions, now, I cherish them. Because of all those bad days, I have grown exponentially without even trying to create the opportunities.

I have had good days too where everything have always happened according to me, but the wonderful thing is that I don’t even remember when those good days have slipped away.

The reason I don’t remember good days because good days are boring, monotonous. These preferred days don’t push us beyond our comfort zone and follow the status-quo of our life.

That is not good even if we call them good.

Bad days on the other hands are golden. They appear without any notice and immediately after coming into our lives they throw us beyond what we can conceive.

And guess what – bad days make growth happen.

I remember one of my favorite orators of all time, Les Brown speak about bad days in this way –

If you have a bad day today, don’t call it bad day at all, call it a character-building day.

So, my invitation to you is not to hate your bad days. Keep your hate for something else. As growth is the only evidence in life, the provider of growth can’t be called bad.

What do you think about bad days? What kind of experience you have regarding bad days? Please share in the comments. We would love to hear your experiences 🙂


P.S. – Due to travel, I couldn’t connect to the net, I will post this weekend’s best posts in the next week in merged form. I apologize for the inconvenience.


2 thoughts on “A bad day is actually a good day

  1. For me, “bad days” are just part of the life experience. They come with the good and all that’s in between. I tend to not dwell on the downside of ‘things’ choosing rather to acknowledge positive people and events and creating time to intentionally appreciate them.

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