A simple way to deal with what people think of you

No matter what you do or don’t, people will think of you.

And truth is you can’t change how or what they think of you.

But if you get too concerned about what people think of you, you will always doubt yourself and your abilities to do something meaningful in your life.

You remember the story of a young man, an old man and a donkey?! Here’s a short synopsis –

One day an old man and a young man were coming from the market with a lot of goodies on the back of their donkey. People saw and commented –  how cruel the old man and the young man were as they had burdened their donkey with all the goodies.

Listening to that the young man took the goodies off from the donkey’s back and started walking again with all the burden on his own shoulders. People saw and commented – how foolish they were, leaving a donkey with no burden and walking with their goodies on their shoulders.

Listening to that, the old man got up on the donkey and they started going again.

This scenario kept on happening. People always saw them doing something and commented and they just followed whatever people said and never gave a thought about their own conclusions.

In our life, when we listen to others, don’t we become the same old man or young man of the story?

But you don’t need to be.

I don’t need to be.

When we keep on practicing one simple thing each and every time we are questioned, commented, criticized, thought bad of, thought of whatever (just fill up with what people think of you).

Here’s the deal –

Love people for who they are. Care for them. But never care for/love what they think of you at any time. Never.

Even if it sounds generic, but this is the truth. Love unconditionally no matter who they are and show incredible care for them. But when it comes to what they think about you, say in your mind – I don’t care what you think even though I love who you are.

Practice it with your near and dear ones, your colleagues, peer groups, friends, relatives, and even with people who you don’t know now.

I practice this philosophy every day with every person I meet. I look into their eyes with compassion and I care for them. But when it comes down to whether their thoughts about me matters or not, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t care what people think of me. If I do, I will either stop myself from creating things or go over and do things in accordance with what they think I should do. And I am always very much non-conformist in my life. I always make sure that what I do is the product of my own conclusion, not of other people, even if I deeply love them and care for them.

Go ahead and try this idea. It works 🙂



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