Sustainable personal development

Often when we start something new, our usual way of looking at it is to grab it fully as much as we can.

Take the example of a new blog or a new exercise program. We start it with so much enthusiasm that we may cram multiple posts everyday or push ourselves for 2-3 hours of exercise every day.

I did. Most of us do.

It is not at all bad to give your full to what you start.

What comes in between though is the lack of sustenance.

When I started my exercise program one year ago, I was so enthusiastic. I started doing 2 hours of exercise every day. Whenever someone was calling me or trying to connect, the only thing I was thinking about was exercise and fitness.

On the surface it seems a good idea that I was so committed and so passionate.

But after one week of exercise for 2 hours daily, one day, I didn’t feel like doing exercise anymore. I was so tired and over-trained that I wanted to stop exercise all together.

I had similar experience with blogging. When I first started blogging in 2010, I used to write multiple posts in a day for almost two weeks. After that I didn’t post for almost two weeks and then my blog gradually got stale. Back then I didn’t realize what’s missing.

The only thing missing was sustenance in my effort. I was pursuing exercise and writing with my full heart but without realizing that I will be giving up soon enough if I will not give due thought about sustaining my effort at least for a year.

After few months of trials and errors, I pinpointed the hole in the bag. I realized that if I do super small every day, I can sustain my effort more than a year or more.

I started with only 5 minutes of exercise and one post every 3 days. This time my effort was sustainable and as a result still I have been going strong.

Whenever you will begin any program or start something new, ask yourself –

Would it be sustainable a year from now?

Would I be able to stick to it a year from now if I put this much effort?

And once you reflect on the answers, then only decide how much effort you need to put in to build up a momentum over a period of time.

Here are few things worthy of your attention for sustainable development –

1. Start small. Ask yourself above questions to decide how small it should be.

2. Think from a year from now and what you would like to achieve a year from now.

3. Don’t start multiple things at the same time. Choose one. Do it for a month. Then pick the next one.

4. Make sure about the timings. Try to stick to the timing every day. It would help you automate your effort after a period of time.

5. Don’t compare your results with others. What’s sustainable to others might not be sustainable to you. Choose your own structure, effort and timing. Don’t fall in the comparison trap.

I wish you all the best for your endeavor and effort to make your life magnificent 🙂



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