How to change your life in 12 months?

On 1st August, 2012 I embarked upon a voyage to change my life completely. I wanted to do things I was passionate about and wanted to make my mark on this world.

Though I have discovered personal development few years ago (in 2008), I didn’t act upon them structurally until the first day of August in 2012.

That day, I came back to my home town after leaving my job to prepare for MBA. I didn’t know that I could achieve what I achieved in these 12 months (this may sound like bragging, so please forgive me).

Here’s a list of things I could muster in these 12 months –

1. Became a writer (in real terms)

2. Wrote more than 100 articles

3. Wrote 14 books

4. Started exercising every day

5. Lost 2 inches from my waist

6. Started meditating every day

7. Became more calm and composed human being as a result of daily meditation

8. Started reading consistently

9. Read more than 24 books

10. Cleared MBA entrance and got admission in one of the academically reputed colleges

11. Created a morning structure for me and started doing 5 habits daily

  • Set 1 MIT for the day
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Read
  • Write

12. Launched my Life Coaching practice

13. Started this blog

This seems like a lot on the appearance, but I have applied only one thing in my life which has made a huge difference.

And that one thing is the power of small.

I didn’t believe in it until I had the results on the table.

Today, I would like to share that one thing that worked for me and hopefully will work for you as well –

I just accomplished one thing every day

It seems like so small but if you are consistent, it can create massive results over time. I have even written a small book on it – Do One Thing Well because this is so powerful and my readers also gave me good feedback about this simple technique.

Even if you think it won’t work, give it a try for at least a month and see what happens. You wouldn’t believe what you would be able to achieve just in one month after approaching your day like this.

But I will not leave you here. I will articulate some of the reasons why this beautiful technique works –

1. It lets you focus on one thing fully and doesn’t split your focus in so many things

2. You are not worried about a long to-do list, so there is no question of prioritizing and making a huge list

3. It makes your day easy to handle, because you have only one thing to deal with

4. The possibility of making it happen is much positive than any other technique because you don’t have to achieve a lot in a day

5. It leaves you room to breathe and act upon your most important thing in life

Here’s a home-work assignment for you (if you are convinced). From now on, everyday, set yourself up for one thing and accomplish it.

And then review your life after one year.

You will see that you will achieve a lot more than you have ever done in any one year of your life and you wouldn’t believe your results on the table.

I am the living proof of this technique  😉


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