Discovering your voice

You have a voice whether you know it or not.

People are more concerned about brands than voice. But voice is more unique than a brand. Brand is how you present yourself to the world. Voice is you inside your deepest self and who you truly are.

Thus, I am less concerned about my brand and more concerned about my voice, my unique self in words on paper.

But have I found my own unique voice?

Here is the honest answer – I don’t know.

Voice cannot be discovered just by deciding upon that now you are ready to come out with your unique self. Your voice is sacred and it will come out one day if you are persistent enough to create art.

For me, my concern is writing every day no matter where I am, what I do, whether I am able to do it or not.

Even if the post is crappy, you will see at least one post from me every day.

I am not a cat blog, not even the bossy blog, I am a blog which talks about possibilities beyond daily humdrum. I know your time is precious. When you give a glance on my post, you spend few minutes of your life which you will never get back.

And I understand the responsibility of making those few minutes worthy of your investment.

Here’s my three part voice-discovering tips (though when you will discover your voice, I don’t know):

1. Do your art. Think less. Create more. Even if it is not up to the standards, write and ship it on the blog for your dear readers.

2. Set a schedule for every week. You may not choose to write/create art like me every day, but you can choose 2/3 days or more to publish your work on your blog.

3. Continue this practice at least for a year.

If you follow these advice most probably you will discover your unique voice soon enough. Just know that I care for you and for your art to find its own wings and soar in the sky of inspiration.



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