After 7.5 days and 81 pages, what happened?

I have failed in my challenge of writing 8 eBooks in 8 days.

I knew that it would be almost impossible as I didn’t plan any of the book before, but researched, planned, decided and wrote 2 eBooks in 8 days.

There is no excuse about why I couldn’t write 8 eBooks in 8 days. But there are few lessons I learned while trying to complete this challenge.

1. We always overemphasize what we can do in short term and under-emphasize what we can achieve if given enough time.

2. Writing is easy when research and outline are done beforehand. The mistake I made in this experiment was I didn’t research and outline the material beforehand. Thus writing while researching became tougher.

3. When we take such a challenge we should have strategies beforehand when something comes up. I didn’t have any. So things came up and I got distracted.

4. Writing should not be done in a hurry. It should take as much time as it is required to come to the wholeness.

5. The environment is a big thing for any challenge. If your current environment is not suitable, chances are you will fail.

I have learned my lessons and not that much sad as I failed in this challenge, because I could write 2 eBooks which are close to my heart and I think the material in these eBooks will help readers who will read and apply.

First eBook I have completed is Liberation – How to tame negative emotions which talks about thoughts that bother you on day to day basis and how you can deal with them.

Here for my beautiful readers, I would like to enclose the chapters –

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – What is a thought?

Chapter 3 – How would you know it is negative?

Chapter 4 – You have a thought. You are not your thought.

Chapter 5 – You don’t become what you think

Chapter 6 – Focusing & Expanding

Chapter 7 – It is not true until you believe it to be true

Chapter 8 – Why give your power away?

Chapter 9 – Taking responsibility for reclaiming your power

Chapter 10 – What’s the pay-off for your suffering?

Chapter 11 – Being detached from your thought

Chapter 12 – Who would you be without the thoughts?

Chapter 13 – A method to let go of thought-addictions

Chapter 14 – Final thoughts

This eBook is short and only 31 pages long. You may finish it in an afternoon and but I think it would be useful material in taming your thoughts.

The second eBook I finished is on a different subject. It is Un-following – a manifesto to stop following the crowd and live life on your own terms. This eBook is also very close to my heart. I never wanted to become a crowd and I have articulated few principles here for you if you would like to do the same.

Here are the chapters for you –

Chapter 1 – Why I wrote this book?

Chapter 2 – Conformity

Chapter 3 – Becoming the crowd

Chapter 4 – Taking responsibility to sing your song

Chapter 5 – Societal rules and how they tarnish your potential

Chapter 6 – The world is not a bad place

Chapter 7 – Saying no

Chapter 8 – Standing for the cause that matters

Chapter 9 – Daily choices

Chapter 10 – Final thoughts

This eBook is 50 pages long though it would not take much time for you to read through.


These two eBooks will soon be available in Amazon Kindle and you will get it in the books section.

I will not leave this challenge here. I am going to attempt it again in near future. But I will not make these mistakes again which I have made in this challenge.

I am better now and well prepared 😉



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