When we clasp our hands to pray, usually our prayers confine in asking for something in kind.

Give me the woman I always want, don’t let her go away

or else,

Give me prosperity, success, peace and happiness

and often we also ask for other people

Give her peace, joy and good health

But as I have realized asking for something in return from God is not the greatest prayer on earth. It seems very selfish and connotes a lack of trust in Him.

What if when we pray we ask for nothing, but the blessings so that we can follow through our dharma without interfering in God’s plans?

It is freeing.

Because it removes ego from your prayer. When you pray, you pray because you love God, not because you want something from Him.

Try this prayer of surrender and see your life unfolding in a new way. Completely unexpected events will offer you more joy, more wisdom, more abundance and more closeness with God (even without asking for it).

I have written this prayer a long time ago.

This is my prayer of surrender –

With every trace of my inner knowing,
I seek you, my Lord,
I am not resistant anymore
About the way you plan my life
I accept lovingly what is, what was and what will be,
There is no better time than the present moment, Lord,
When, all my cells unitedly know YOU

Surrender to YOU

And inculcate YOU in them.

This is the only prayer I know –

To let YOU do all YOU want
With all my might, strength and spirit,
And no matter what any moment might bring,
I always could say –
I Love YOU.


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