The art of seeing

I want to change your view of the world.

That is what I do and that is what I aim for.

With each blog post, each write up, each book and each email I want you to see things that you have not seen yet or never even thought possible.

I want to inspire (in+spirit) you to attempt for something that is beyond your comfort zone and help you go for it step by step.

I want you to start things. A lot.

Because my best skill is seeing things in different ways and putting the picture on your face so that you can measure the difference between who you are right now and what you are capable of becoming.

I am no self-help guru and don’t aim to become one. I am a teacher who loves to sweep streets for his students so that they can walk on a road of possibility.

Once I finish up the work of sweeping I step back and allow you to see things on your own and walk on the road. I am no manager. I am a leader who paves the road and gets out of the way.

If I keep on going I may end up calling myself an artist. But I may not be successful most of the time to swipe your windscreen and make you see things clearly.

Can you see who you are capable of becoming?




I just changed your spectacle 😉



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