The most important resource most people ignore + a cool strategy to use it to its optimum

Manuel wants to change his life.

He knows what to change and has a clue how to change it.

But he has no money, no resources, no support from his family, no connections.

What will Manuel do?

Either he will keep on giving excuses or he will get up and do something about it.

Just wait, no it’s not my next motivational speech. It is not even about giving excuses (a bit though!), but it is a lot about not realizing what Manuel has and what he has taken for granted.

Have you guessed it?

Yes. It’s time. The blank slate of 24 hours every day, ready to be shaped up by his bare hands. But he doesn’t know it or take it too casually and doesn’t think he can use it at all to change.

We all are like Manuel and we lack one or few of the resources for which we think we can’t start anything new or change something meaningful.

But we all, like Manuel have 24 hours every day to do something meaningful in our life. Most of us won’t like it, because it’s too simplistic and it’s free.

But if we utilize our time on earth well, we can make a huge dent in this world. Look at people who did. Talk about Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Rabindranath Tagore, Benjamin Franklin, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many more. And they all have one thing in common – they utilized their most of the 24 hours well.

This day is a gift to start a new thing, do a new project, change an area of your life, add value to someone’s life, save an amount for the future, plan your life, decide something meaningful and much more.

Don’t be among millions of Manuels who give excuses that they don’t have enough resources to make something tick.

Be among those who see possibility of using this 24 hours to the best of their abilities.

Now, I know you will say – but how to utilize this 24 hours efficiently?

Here’s the strategy I use every day.

Strategy for utilizing your 24 hours efficiently

This is a 3 step process and easy to apply. No fluff.

Step 1: Find your core values (3-5 are ideal)

How to do it: List everything you like about people you admire and filter it to 3-5.

Step 2: Set your priorities on the base of your most important core values.

How to do it: Write 3 things that you can do to reflect your core values to the right of each core value you have chosen in the previous step.

Step 3: Pick one thing among the list and do it.

How to do it: Choose something easy from the list for starting out. And begin.

If you are done with one thing today, this is a good day. You used your time well without killing yourself.

Take your time to go through each step. But don’t take the whole day for this process. The most important thing is to do one thing today.

If you don’t do anything else, just pick one thing up that you are passionate about and complete it.

I do it every day. My MIT is one thing today and that’s all.

And this is my strategy to make a dent in this world. What do you think?



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