Without thoughts

The most subtle and unconscious addictions of human beings is the addiction to their thoughts.

Like drinking or smoking it doesn’t come to the surface and doesn’t do any damage temporarily.

And we also don’t understand that this addiction is existent at all. We never realize that we are thinking too much. When we realize, we say – Forget it or ignore that pinch inside our head.

But does it go away?

In my experience thoughts will not go away if you take your broom and sweep your mind. But they will, once you accept their existence.

Thus the first step to pare down thought-addiction is to recognize that you are lost in thoughts in most of your waking hours, days, months and years.

Then accept the situation that you think too much and don’t try to sweep them away immediately.

Once you accept that you think too much and don’t do anything to get rid of the thoughts, your job now is to practice present moment awareness. The reason you think too much is because you are not paying enough attention around or within. That’s why thoughts are getting room and beginning to exist in your mind.

Now how do you feel?

Any thought is coming?

If it is still coming, repeat the process.

If not, how do you feel without thoughts?


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