Notes: A valid question for value-addition

I was reading an article and got this question. Though I don’t agree with the whole approach of the guy which is basically – you need to give to get.

But I like this question about value addition without expecting anything in return.

I will apply this in my life and hope it would be useful to you as well –

You will make great progress in all areas of life simply by developing the habit of always asking yourself, “How can I add value to this person/situation?”

It won’t come naturally. It will require focus and training as you learn to set aside your desires so that you’re more objectively able to help others.

Ask this question more often and you will see that you are able to add value to so many people. But please don’t do it with an intention to get something from him/her in near future. To me, that is purely unethical.

Ponder about this question and ask this in your mind whenever you meet anyone face to face or via phone or in virtual world 🙂


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