I don’t remain a writer when I don’t write.

It is very obvious. I call myself a writer and when I don’t write, just think or read or prepare to write, how can I call myself a writer? Yes, I can have a psychological benefit of becoming a writer, but that doesn’t serve well in life.

Here’s the basic difference.

The difference between what I call myself and what I am doing right now.

The difference seems subtle, but actually it’s as huge as the difference between doing it and putting it off.

Sounding familiar?

Do you like to call yourself something but still preparing to do it?

Alas! You are a ‘becoming amateur’, not a ‘professional.’

It hits hard when someone says it on our face. But it is important for you and me to know that calling or labeling ourselves with something will not let us become that which we direly want to become.

Cut off that ‘want to’ from your becoming. Jump right off and be. The story of becoming is old now. I did it. You did it. But please, not anymore.

If you call yourself a writer/artist/helper/activist/body-builder/speaker/any damn thing, do that thing right now (forget all your ifs and buts, they are old and don’t work).

Yes, end of story. Just do it. And then call yourself (isn’t it a good thing to do than the other way around?)


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