Stillness practice

Silence is not required in order to find stillness.

Life is not at all silent. The sound of daily humdrum, whisper of breeze, chirping of birds, noise of your kids or kids in the neighborhood and ‘you’ are not always silent.

But the matter of fact is we don’t need deep silence to find stillness. All we need to do is to sit comfortably, listen to the sounds around and enjoy the presence.

You don’t need anything else to do that.

No matter what’s going around, just sit and breathe and enjoy the experience.

It is a medicine for whatever you face in your life – any difficulty, any challenge, any disorientation, any conflict, any unpleasantness. The medicine will not cure the challenge, but it will hand you tools to cure it.

I often practice this stillness, no matter where I am, what I do. When my mind wanders, I just sit or stand (if I am not in a position to sit) and listen to the sounds around deeply.

Now, do you know how it sounds when you sip your tea from your cup?

Yes, I am talking about that kind of concentration. Try it wherever you are, whatever you do, you will realize –

You have all the tools already inside you to handle whatever situations you are going through.


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