Stop nodding, start changing

Society speaks about it all the time.

All that you were, you should be in your present appearances as well. In gestures, in demeanor, in love & relationship and in change of perspective.

You must be the same as the person who used to say – ‘I am the least important person in the room’ and walk in the same way, talk in the same manner and be the same person with few more wrinkles and grey hair.

Society doesn’t want growth for men who are putting their effort to get up and do something meaningful.

And adherence to that sameness because we belong to some creed or crowd is purely giving away our power to something that doesn’t serve us at all.

Change things. Get up and take responsibility. Stop adhering and conforming to the rules which don’t serve you anymore. Drop all the notions that you need to be what you were because you belong to this family or that religion.

It is you that matters most. Individual matters most, much more than a group. It is their individuality which makes a group united, not the group itself. Express your opinion. Stand out in the crowd if you need to. Act as if everything else depends on you.

You matter more than anything else.

A change in your behavior will inspire one more and then one more. Never underestimate the power of one small change in your life. You don’t need to be what you dropped off like an old cloth.

Even if you parents follow the path or your spouse or any of your friends, choose the path you think the best for you. Make sure everything you do is the product of your own conclusion, not of your previous self or a disease called – conformity.

The power of an authority figure can’t stop you. The influence of a person such as your own spouse or mother or father can’t stop you. The pull of the crowd has also no power to pull you down.

It is in your hands.

Drop your power or own it.

And have the courage to unfollow what is not true now, even if it was truer in the past. The past doesn’t decide your present. It is you who decide how your present shapes up.

Like dolls we have nodded our heads for a long time to the beats of the socitey. Stop nodding and start changing things around.


Because your present self feels they need to change.

Nothing more than that is a valid reason.



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