No ‘like’ or ‘follow’ to increase my stats

I don’t push the button ‘like’ or ‘follow’ on my fellow bloggers’ posts or blogs. Until I really check his/her posts or blogs.

It doesn’t seem ethical just to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ without giving my due consideration to something my fellow bloggers have put their heart and soul into, most of the time.

It is my own way of looking at it.

My fellow friend is another me, just in different appearance, in different country, in different world of his/her own.

But among all the differences, in deep down we all want to be appreciated, we all want to be read and we all want to be cared, deeply rather than just be liked or followed.

That’s why, I take time to like or follow blogs and posts because I read them, all of them.

I will never like any blog or post just to increase the likes or followers of this blog 🙂


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