Notes: On equanimity

Found this awesome piece of jewel:

Why are you put-off when you see wrong? Why are you provoked to react or respond when you see evil? Remember, evil has in it the potential to become good and good has in it the liability to turn evil! There is no fire without a wisp of smoke; there is no smoke, without a spark of fire. No one is fully wicked, fully infallible or fully perfect. Take the world as it is, never expect it to conform to your needs or standards. The treasure that is undoubtedly the most precious in the universe is the quality of equanimity and unruffled-ness (shantham). Practice this and make it your natural reaction. The Goddess of Victory smiles only on the heroic, those who make lions of themselves; those resilient, brave and self-confident warriors. If you secure the Grace of the Lord, then you will be reinforced with so much strength, that you can carry out even the most difficult tasks.

– Sathya Sai Baba

Please read it more than once to comprehend its meaning. It is life-changing wisdom.


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