8 Days – 8 eBooks challenge

The title is simply impossible if we look at the appearance.

But I have set this challenge for myself to come into the mode of writing a lot every day. As my days are quiet now, I have more time to invest in my writing. And I would like to write more than 4000 words per day.

I know it’s not a lot for some of our fellow bloggers. But for me it is beyond my comfort zone.

So, I would write 8 short eBooks during my 8 days challenge.

Today I will begin to write and hope to complete my task on 31st July, around 8 o’ clock in the evening.

Here are the factors I want to ensure –

1. Every eBook will take its own route, and will not be limited by words or chapters. If I need to write more, I will write.

2. I will write in 30 minutes chunk. Once I finish up 30 minutes, I will get up, take a break for sometime, drink tea or walk around and come back again to writing.

3. The quality will not be sacrificed by any means. I will teach one thing while writing each eBook.

4. This challenge is just for writing, not editing or proofreading or publishing.

5. I will post my updates on my daily log (you can check it here – https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gQdlIYun-oX57_NqEfg-8fKaVBzjv4IFwjwj7RvGnQ/edit?pli=1 )

6. I will not divide 8 eBooks in 8 days (like I will not write 1 eBook per day), rather I will just write and may end up writing 2 eBooks in a day or less.

As I already mentioned that it is beyond my comfort zone, I am glad that finally I am doing it 🙂


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