When you are not the doer

When you are not the doer, only the empty flute, everything that you try to accomplish becomes gold.

Because you don’t claim it to be yours. You don’t own it, don’t get attached to it, don’t feel bad about it if someone criticizes you for creating that stuff and you don’t get bothered about its lifetime. And most importantly, you tend to forget it after the work is done.

If you take up any project, consider this point. Empty yourself of all your thoughts and worries about how will you create it. Just sit and let the invisible take over.

As example, river doesn’t try to flow by saying that I am flowing. Rather it lets the water flow without interruption. It doesn’t need the name, the label, the accolades and the recognition of being so patient and for flowing so naturally. It is allowing everything to take over without being present in it.

If you have never heard this before, it may sound different, but try it. Step back from your work, see its unfolding through your brain, hands, and all the movements of your body. Let it flow naturally without you (your ego-driven consciousness), being in it. You just observe and see everything taking place without any contribution from you.

I have tried this over and over again. And I found, when I detach myself from my work and don’t claim to be my work, it becomes God’s work and reaches a height I (my ego-driven label) never, ever could reach.

Become a non-doer today of your work. And see it getting turned into a golden project.


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