Dropping off noise from life

Now-a-days when I get up in the morning, I have no hurry to go somewhere or to rush to something.

I have no streaming of updates, no friend request, no emails, no phone, no distraction. I have a blank slate in front of me ready to be shaped up by my bare hands.

I sit and drink my tea with reverence. I listen to classical music as if I am sitting in a live concert and all the lights are off and there are no audience without me. I write one thing in my journal that I would like to exchange my day for and I quiet my mind and meditate. Then I exercise, read and write for as long as I want.

My days now are full of silent spaces, so much of quietness. Rather than trying to follow the steams of updates, I see my thoughts popping up, staying in my mind for sometime and going away. I am much happier, less worried, less stressful and less anxious about my future. I feel present. I feel alive.

And that has become possible because of non-availability of social media in my life. I also don’t check my email in the morning. I also don’t pick up any call or send any messages in the morning. Though it’s only few days but I can see the benefit already.

I would invite you to go for the similar voyage. You don’t need to delete or deactivate your social media account like me. Just don’t use it for a day, for the entire day and see how you feel, how your day becomes. Don’t open your inbox for a day. Don’t call / send messages at least in the morning. And see how it feels and decide for yourself.

For me, it’s a life I always wanted to live – clutter-free, hurry-free and a lot of quiet time. Thus, I will never go back to social-media-madness. I love my quiet, noise free life.



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