3 greatest misconceptions about God

I do a lot of reading and a lot of thinking.

It is not to brag about me but to know who I am and what’s my purpose?! And quite often, the concept ‘God’ comes up and I ponder. Who is God? What He does? Why He doesn’t come in the picture?

These questions sound silly until we think through and get to the point. We all ask these questions and more often than not we find no answer for them.

I also started my search 5 years ago. Who is God? What He does? How He did everything all the people talk about?

Before 2008, I was not mature enough to think deeply, so it didn’t occur to me that I need to ask questions instead of adhering to given answers.

I searched, mostly within and started reading Alan Watts, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Neal Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Nisargadatta Maharaja, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hahn, Sathya Sai Baba, Tao Te Ching and few other spiritual texts.

I realized all that are being said and done by our society are mostly misconceptions. I know you may think in a different way. But here are my ideas about the myths we mostly believe in without questioning them.

First misconception is: God is better than you and you are not God

As I have understood from sky, clouds, raindrops to plants, vegetables, animals, insects, everything is Him. The reason I think like this is everything transforms. No matter what form you take or hold on to, it will transform and change in another form.

If you don’t believe me, look deeply in the clouds, how it constantly changes form and ultimately will go ahead and become raindrops soon. And then the raindrops will transform into plants, plant will grow and will become vegetables and vegetables will be eaten by cows and goats and now the vegetables are cow and goat and whoever eats it and then when the cow and goat and other animal decease, they become ashes. Just imagine – from cloud to ashes and then again more transformation.

Why I am talking about transformation? Break the word ‘transform’ – ‘trans’ means beyond and ‘form’ means the layer, the outer surface. And God is ‘transformation’ means ‘beyond all the form’. Then all animals, plants, clouds, sky, river, water, creatures, insects, pebbles are God.

And if all are God, why not human?

If you understand that You are God, then, is there any comparison or separation?

Second misconception is: God is separate from you and give directions from the heaven

From our previous discussion, it is clear that you are the transformation and you are God. God is no separate entity.

So, isn’t it silly to think that God is a white-beard old man and gives direction from heaven?

How can it be possible?

Rather I think you are directed from within, not without. You act according to what’s inside. But you cannot come to this conclusion until you believe that you are God and God has no separate entity.

Thus, question my conclusion and find out for yourself what is true for you. I don’t mean to offend you and these are completely my conclusions about God.

Third misconceptions is: We need to fear God and there is sin

God is love and I have never found any alignment with this belief that we need to get scared of God. How can you get scared of complete Love?

And if you agree with my first two conclusions, you are complete love. So, how can you get scared of you?

There are lot of self limiting beliefs and ideas in our society. Instead of treating everyone as God (including yourself) we go to different places to experience the magnification of Him. If we just sit and empty our mind from trashes (all that is not happening in the present moment), we can see the magnification of God within us.

It’s all about consciousness. What you did in the past according to you is sin because it doesn’t align with your ‘present’ you. But that was just a detour for your highest good. Patanjali said – There are no sins, only obstacles on the path which you need to overcome.

Realize yourself and think about God. And you will realize that there is no difference between self realization and God realization. Once you realize the real nature of you, God’s nature will be revealed to you.

You may find these discussions beyond your comfort zone or they may not go well with your ‘current’ you. I encourage you to think and experience by yourself instead of believing in my words.

I am not writing this for increasing my followers. Because there are no followers, only Gods at different evaluation stage. We may call ourselves unrealized Gods, but not at all separate entity from God. We can learn from our fellow beings, but they cannot be better or lesser than us like God cannot be. And lastly, there is no reason to fear God as God is love and you can’t think of getting scared of love by any means.

Here is a question for you as I leave you with your thoughts –

If you are God (who you really are) would you change the way you lead your life?

Ponder about this question and let me know. I would love to read your thoughts about what do you think about God and how you relate to Him.



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