Unsubscribe, unfollow & unlike what is not aligned with your being

You have a right to unlike, unfollow and unsubscribe.

If you follow what everyone else is doing, then what you have to offer to the world?

By following a crowd, you only become one thing – crowd.

Do you want to live the rest of your life as a follower, a meek voice who neither knows the direction nor the path?

I invite you to ponder about your stance in life. Is there something that you are doing out of obligation? Is there something that is not aligned with your inner being but still you are on it because you feel you will lose something if you stop doing it?

Stop the fear. Fear is just an illusion, an illusion to trap you in a cage where you are caught in thoughts and conflicts and chaos. Go ahead and break the fear. And stop doing what you are doing right now for obligation or fear.

Stop following. Stop copying. Stop the imitation. You don’t need to be the crowd anymore.

Be your own. Express your own opinion. Have the guts to say no to things that don’t resonate with your inner being (including this blog, if at all).

Life is short and your time on earth is limited. Don’t squander it by living someone else’s life.

Your parents don’t know it. Your relatives don’t know it. Your friends may not know it. But you know deep within, what you want and what you want to stand for.

I do. And thus, I unlike, unsubscribe, unlearn, undo what doesn’t go well with my values.

Today take one step ahead with what you have to offer and say no to authority figures.


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