I have changed my mind

Sounds a bit different!

Today only by getting inspired by few fellow bloggers, I have decided to delete my Facebook account. I had deactivated it once. But by the insistence and love of few, very close people I am bending and allowing the reverse of what I was going to do.

I have reactivated my Facebook account and will not deactivate/delete my Facebook account for a month at least to see how things work.

There are few things I want to consider here.

1. Minimalism is not about going away, but paring down what’s not required. Here, I will use Facebook, but only once a day.

2. People matter to me more than my decision. I love them and while taking this decision, I realized, they love me too. And few of them will have no way to connect me, if I will leave Facebook. So, I would rather stay and reduce my visit on Facebook.

3. All are not similar and I don’t need to follow anyone’s footsteps. It’s good when you get started, but soon enough you will realize whether it’s aligned with your values or not. If not, you feel a bit uneasy in your chest and then you do whatever you are mostly aligned with.

4. After pondering for few hours, I realized that Facebook is not the reason for my lack of time or focus. It is me. So, actually I need to work on myself and my attention, not Facebook.

5. I may or may not consider the option of deactivating my account in future, but at least, I have reconsidered the decision and changed my mind at least for a month.

6. I will go on and become a minimalist and discard late nights, books/files from my laptop. And I will reduce twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Gmail just once in a day. And I will do them in a row so that not much time is spent in social media.

7. One important lesson I learned here is the art of allowing. I have bent down and be blown away by the love of few dear people I have encountered on Facebook. I will use the same principle in my life and that is the art of allowing.

I may sound an impatient or impulsive guy, but I have changed my mind consciously. And I am glad that I did.


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