Living without what I am living with right now

Sooner, I am going to give up most of my possessions.

I am going to hostel for MBA purpose and I thought this is the perfect opportunity to be a minimalist. I will toss out all that is not necessary and only have/own the essentials.

I made a list (will share with you soon) and decided to take the plunge just in one go. Though I can cut back more in the future, still I am happy with what I live without.

But there is something else too.

Just clearing out stuffs and what I own are not only a way to clear everything that’s going on in my life. I still do a lot of social networking, a lot of late nights, have files and books in my computer that I have never touched or never will. But they are taking up all the time, space and mental focus.

So, I want to give up some of the things:

1. Social Networking (giving up Facebook, deleting it, will keep Twitter for occasional use)

2. Delete some of the books and files from my laptop and will only keep the books & audios I want to keep & read

3. No late nights anymore

I don’t know whether I will come back to them or not, but right now, I want to make room and do the following things as a result of giving up most of the things that is taking my mental energy and focus:

1. Write a lot more (more than 2500 words a day) every day

2. Read a lot more (English & Bengali) [will buy a kindle soon]

3. Write poems (English & Bengali)

4. Travel to different places instead of sitting in the room and getting addicted to social networking sites

5. Walk more often

6. Help people. Concentrate more on service than consumption

7. Start more things (from one hour project to one day project to thirty day to one year project)

8. Learn new skills and brush off the old ones

9. Take up running.

10. Sing & compose songs

11. Spend more time in nature

12. Do nothing

13. Take up speaking

14. Capture snaps

I am deeply inspired by my fellow blogger Amrita and Leo Babauta and they both have helped me to take this decision of living without mental clutter and of course, physical possessions too.

I will be officially a minimalist within a month (most probably in the second week of August) and am happy that I can do that.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing the journey with me. God bless you 🙂


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