Against favoritism

We applaud the stories of others that somehow protrude our favored beliefs. And we deride other stories which seem to be hostile, at least to our already ingrained belief system.

What do you like, share or comment on more – the things which support your thought process or things that act as devil’s advocate?


(Hint: Things that talk against or beyond your belief system helps you grow much more!)


The story of a successful nobody


Easy? Right?


Doing work that doesn’t matter is easy.

Expressing your mediocre self when you have a vast opportunity to extract the best is easy.

Creating stuff that public eats than creating stuff that makes something of the public is easy.

What’s not is to do something that cures your mind from believing that you don’t matter.

Create something that you are proud of. Go to people and say – here it is, I made it. Don’t worry about the reaction. Use the feedback and shape your creation. Go again and say – here it is. Repeat. And realize. Again repeat. Until you breathe no more or create your absolute best (whichever happens first).

What’s important is to keep on trying in spite of everything. What’s not is rejection, failure and heart-break.

If you can breathe, you can make something of yourself . Don’t live your life as if you want to remain a successful nobody.

End your old story.

This ends the story.

Go. Take one little step right now. Be a (un)successful somebody.



Work is all!


Do not take it lightly.

I am not among those who think that you would magically be transformed just by sitting idle and saying nothing for the rest of your life. Call me ignorant or call me less-informed, but here’s what I think – If you work well, you don’t need anything else to transform you emotionally, personally, professionally and spiritually. Work is your measuring grid.

Each time, I write a post, publish a book or deliver an article for my client, I think how this single thing would impact my thinking, my philosophy, my life. And then I do it backwards.

People call me serious-jerk. But that’s okay. I treat my work as everything depends upon it because it does.

Give this thought a minute to ponder.

Do you think your work has the power to transform you?

Charity of understanding


People often think that charity is something where you need to sign a cheque or deliver food at doorstep or sometimes, gift your worn out clothes to people who don’t have anything to wear.

Truth is, most of us struggle to make ends meet; we don’t know how we will pay the bills, earn enough to create a cushion to fall back upon, and how to sponsor education for our children.

Yes, we first think about ourselves and then about others. Because a hungry belly cannot feed another unfed stomach.

In that case, how would we manage to even think of charity?

Simply by understanding.

Understand that people are not cruel by choice. There is a deep need inside. Understand that a thief is a thief because his society doesn’t support him to feed his family. Understand that a beggar is not always an imposter. Understand that when someone is weird to you, it’s because he is always criticized for not being like others.

Charity is understanding first, serving next. If we can’t serve, at least we can take the pain to understand the pain of others.

Start your charity today by understanding first. And instead of making sounds like – Ah, Uff for others, feel their pain inside quietly.

Remember, not signing a cheque isn’t a crime, because most of us don’t have that much resources. But being indifferent to the pain of others and acting as if you understand by writing statuses on social media is the basest crime of all.

In the praise of a quiet life


What if you don’t become anything at all?

What if you don’t write the next book or don’t do your chores?

What if you don’t strive toward becoming someone special in the mind of the crowd?

What if you just sit back and watch the sky for a day, doing nothing?

Will you be happier or drown into despair because you haven’t accomplished anything at all?

What if you just love the quiet moments and lay back on your sofa and take a nap! What if you notice the flowers in your garden and how beautifully they’ve blossomed! What if you just walk barefoot on your terrace and soak up the sun into your feet! What if you don’t feel any urgency to achieve anything! What if you don’t strive toward making the next sales call or build the next product or write the next book!

It’s time that you embrace these what ifs.

If you become quiet, even for a day, doing nothing, you will understand the true meaning of life.